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GOLD-16E Universal Backlight Driver CA255

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Weight 200 g

Compared to the Gold-16E, this product adds current regulation function.

Material: PCB
Input Voltage: 12-25V
Output Voltage: 35-85V
Output Current: Default 100MA(can be increased to 800MA)
Absolute rating:
24V Input: Vout=75V, Iout=800mA or 60W Max
12V Input: Vout=75V, Iout=400mA or 30W Max
Current adjustment: 30-200mA
Suitable TV/Monitor Size: 12-24inch

You need to have a certain basic knowledge of physics and electronics, and you need to have a clear understanding of the core components of liquid crystal displays, LCD TVs and other products.
The limit parameter refers to the maximum bearing capacity of the product in the application process. In actual use, please use it below the limit parameter.
Backplane common electronic symbol code Chinese and English are as follows:
A. VCC: The supply voltage is positive, the circuit supply voltage (voltage is usually12Vor24V)
B. ON/OFF, ON, EN, ON BL Wait: Switching pin, switching signal pin (voltage range is usually in2.5V-5Vbetween)
C. PDM, VDAJ, BL-PWM Wait: Brightness adjustment feet, or called dimming feet. (Dimming will have two modes, one is the digital mode-PWM, One is analog dimming-DC. PWM Called pulse width modulation, which produces a rectangular Square wave signal, the frequency is generally200HZ-2KHZ,The magnitude of the voltage is usually3.3V, & Lt; PDIMIs the English abbreviation, Dim Is the meaning of the dark meaning of the word meaning that “brightness.” Analog dimming is carried out By means of a DC voltage, usually provided directly to the tuning pin0V-5VofDCVoltage to control the brightness of the purpose.

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